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Adding autocomplete to a field

Auto-Complete is generally very useful feature especially when you need to repeat the values in a field. GP has auto-complete feature for all the important fields in version 8 and above. However, fields like user defined fields in various window, custom fields, don’t have this option.

Using modifier, you can add AutoComplete practically in any field in the GP. Here, I am adding a autocomplete in the User defined Field 1 in Account Maintenance window in example below:

Open the Window in the modifier

In Modifier Open the Properties from Layout menu if it is already not open


Select the field in the window for which you want to add AutoComplete and set the AutoComplete property to true

Close the window and save the changes to modified window
Open the Microsoft Dynamics GP

Grant access to users in the modified window using the  Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window(Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> System >> Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports)

Open the window for which you just enabled autocomplete and test it
Account Maintenance

On the side note: Remove the unused Autocomplete entries

Open the AutoComplete Setup window from Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> User Preferences >> AutoComplete button

Use this window to specify the number of days when unused entries should be removed. Zero means unlimited days. Also, note that this user preference is per company basis. You can enter different number days in different companies

If you want to remove a specific entry you can do so by right clicking on it
Autocomplete Setup

5 Responses to “Adding autocomplete to a field”

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  3. Jack says:

    Wow, thats a nice tip. Great blog – keep it up!

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  5. Divyanshu says:


    I modifed Project Accounting Receivings Transaction Entry Window by adding one field in the scrolling window using modifer. I need this field to have the auto complete capability. I created a new lookup button (no default lookup buttons are present in global fields). Added VBA code to open the lookup form (new form). Everything works fine except the autocomplete capability.

    “<>” option in the autocomplete list is not showing up and everytime when I restart GP, all the values from the Autocomplete list are gone.

    Can anyone please help with this? I am not sure what I am doing wrong or missing.



  6. Aqeel says:

    Hi…Can you please tell me how to add additional menu in any dynamics gp form..thanks

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