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How to create SOP Salesperson Report in Smartlist

I just came across a post about filtering the SOP Salesperson Report by date in the community forum.

The SOP Salesperson Report does not have option to filter the data by date. Good thing is you can easily create a similar report in Smartlist. Here are the steps to creating such report

1.  Open the Receivable Transaction smartlist under Sales section

I have used the Receivable Transaction Smartlist to keep the report generic. You can also use the Sales Transactions Smartlist.

2.  Columns you need to add

Note that I have renamed the columns to match the headers in the SOP Salesperson Report

Display Name column displays renamed columns headers and original name contains the original name of fields

Click Add in Columns widow

Add column Original Trx Amount

Similarly, add Sales Amount and Commission Dollar Amount


3.  Apply filter by date to get report for current month and also apply check to list only invoices

4.    Smartlist with data

You can save it as Smartlist favorite


Pretty simple huh ?

You can also export the data to excel from Smartlist and add subtotal  by Salesperson and Sales Territory.





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