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Safe Pay Error – There is no check transaction type setup Upload aborted

Error message:

The following error message is displayed when you click Load/Reload Transactions button in Transactions Upload window

“There is no check transaction type setup Upload aborted”



This means file format set up is not complete and you need set code for transaction types.

Open the Safe Pay Configurator window from (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Routines >> Financial >> Safe Pay >> Configurator)

Select the output format for which you are getting the error

Open the Transaction Types Entry window from menu Codes Entry >> Transaction Codes Entry

Enter the Transaction Type for the Check and Voided transactions

Bank should offer you guidance about what codes should be entered. It should be something like P for checks, V for voids. It can also be numeric values for the codes. You should refer to specifications from bank.

Transaction Types Entry Window

4 Responses to “Safe Pay Error – There is no check transaction type setup Upload aborted”

  1. Rubal,
    Have you ever customized the Safe Pay output process or flat file?
    Our client wants to include Address1 in the validation process, but this is not standard GP functionality.

  2. sunneil says:

    Thanks Rubal,

    It solved my problem.

  3. Greg Horner says:

    for this transaction code for check, the bank requires a “C” for voids and a space for a “good” check. However, I can’t enter a space.

    Any thoughts?

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