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Dynamics GP : Why can’t I customize my Navigation List

Sometimes when you click on the navigation list, the customize option may not be visible by default ( it is shown as read only)

This is similar to default smartlists. You cannot modify the * smartlists.  You have to save favorite to save your modifications.  Similarly, you need to create a copy of the navigation list using the Save As option.


Enter the name for the new view

Once a copy is saved the list is no longer visible as Read Only and you can customize it.


Use the List View Customization window to modify the content, layout, and sharing settings for a list view.

You mark the contents to display, Add/Remove columns, Customize Action Pane and select users with which you want to share the updated list.

Select the columns

You can select what you want to display and what not to display in the Action Pane. You can rearrange how various groups are displayed in Navigation List

You can also preview changes before saving them. And that’s it !!!


5 Responses to “Dynamics GP : Why can’t I customize my Navigation List”

  1. Luis says:

    Excellent tip…..when I have a problem, think you to write…Good luck !!

    Rgds from Colombia

  2. Mike Lupro says:

    This is great as far as it goes. But the SmartList objects have a LOT of columns you can add.
    As I see it here you can ONLY add the columns that are listed in the Add-Columns box – correct?

    My desire is to add something like Cash Receipts TYPE to the Receivables Transactions list in the Sales Navigation area.

    NoCanDo??? Or…Do I get my wish?

  3. Yasmin says:

    Thanks a lot!!! I have a client that recently started sending their vendor remittances by e-mail and wanted to mass update e-mail options for over 4,000 vendors. However the E-mail Settings menu did not appear under the default Vendor Navigation List. After using the Save As mentioned above I was able to customize the actions/modify toolbar to include that option. This definitely saved me a lot of time!!!

  4. Anna says:

    I have the requirement to include the location code field on sales orders (on hold) navigation list? If I create a new list with the builder GP 2010 is not responding.

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