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AA Budget made easy-Roll Budget Total Up/Down in GP 2010 R2

Entering Analytical Accounting budget is a tedious task especially if you have more than couple of dimensions. In earlier versions of GP, you had to calculate the total for each dimension, at each level. You could create budget in Microsoft Excel and import it in GP – Still it was lengthy task.

With GP 2010 R2, you don’t have to enter the budget for dimensions(nodes) at all levels of the budget tree. You can simply enter the budget amount for dimension codes at bottom level and roll up the budget to root node and vice versa.

You can roll up the budget amounts from the lowest dimension to the codes on the node immediately above it and so forth till the root node of the tree or you can roll down the budget from root node to nodes at bottom of tree.

For the sake of example, I am using two dimensions in following order Project and Employees.  Use the following table to understand how budget amounts  are rolled up to the parent node.  In this table, employee is on the lowest level of tree, when you enter budget for various employees the project totals are  automatically calculated and then projects total are rolled up to calculate 2011 budget total.

Budget ID Project Employee Amount
2011 Budget 2,000.00
PROJECT 1 1,000.00
PROJECT 1 Employee 1 600.00
PROJECT 1 Employee 2 400.00
PROJECT 2 1,000.00
PROJECT 2 Employee 1 500.00
PROJECT 2 Employee 2 500.00


Option to select Budget Roll in the Analytical Accounting Budget Maintenance Window (Cards >> Financial >> Analytical Accounting >> Budget). You can roll up or roll down the budget amounts

Analytical Accounting Budget Maintenance window


Rolling up the budget amounts

Selected ‘Up’ in the Budget Roll Total

Notice the Budget Amounts for  root node are disabled


You can enter budget for Analytical Accounting dimension at bottom most level only(Employee in our example)


This amount is automatically rolled up to dimension above(Project in this case)


Rolling down the budget amounts

Enter total budget for root node

Used the Node button to allocate the total amount among various dimension codes at level 1 (Project in this example)

You can assign percentage for each dimension code or you can divide amount equally among all codes


I divided the budget equally between two projects, so each project has budget of $100






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  2. Vijay says:

    How can we setup budget if both ‘Project’ and ‘Employee’ are defined as Dimensions and both are in the same level? I really if you can sugget me to map it.

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