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Error message -Could not find a part of the path <report path> when publishing Excel Report Builder report in GP

Error message:

Could not find a part of the path ‘\\server_name\Excel Reports path\CompanyID\ CompanyID Report Name\xl\workbook.xml’ when you try to publish the report created using Excel Report builder



This error message is displayed when you try to publish an excel report to Report Library and report library path is not set up in Reporting  Tools Setup window (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> System >> Reporting Tools Setup)


Solution 1: If you have SharePoint setup and you want to publish report to SharePoint library, complete the setup in in Reporting  Tools Setup window. Select Excel Reports and select SharePoint in location dropdown and enter the paths for sites


Solution 2: If you don’t have SharePoint installed and you just want to publish reports to network shared folder

Click Publish button on the Excel Report Builder window (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> SmartList Builder >> Excel Report Builder) or open the Publish Report window from Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> SmartList Builder>> Publish Report

Select the Report ID


Select File as the Publish To option.


Enter the filename and location for the data connection

Enter the filename and location for the excel report


Click Publish


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