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Tips and tricks for setting up User Security in Microsoft Dynamics GP

The questions related to security are posted often in the Dynamics GP community. Today, I am going to summarize the various resources available to help you set up roles for users in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  1. Overview of all existing Roles and Tasks
  2. Search by Resource (Window) Name
  3. Unassigned Security Operation report
  4. Troubleshooting security privileges error message
  5. Granting access to Smartlist Builder Objects


1.    Overview of existing Roles and Tasks: If you need an overview of various Security Roles available in GP, with information about Security Tasks and Operations in them, you can use the Security Report on You can use it to get an idea of the roles hierarchy available. It can help you decide the roles to assign to various users:



2.   Search by Resource (Window) Name: If you know the name of a window or report but you need to know about roles or tasks containing it, you have couple of options available.  These are not just limited for the windows and reports; you can search for any type of security operations like Posting Permissions.

Option1: You can use the Security Search feature in the in GP Window. Just enter the name and click Enter. You will get details of security roles and tasks the window is part of

Option2: You can use Security Information option in the Support Debugging Tool. Refer to following posts for the details How to identify the Security Tasks and Security Roles using the Support Debugging Tool


3. Unassigned Security Operation report: By default, Microsoft Dynamics GP has security roles and tasks for common windows and reports. Still, they don’t cover everything you may need. If you are looking for a task for a particular window and you can’t find it. You can use to the Unassigned Security Operation report in GP to check whether task for the role exists or not. Open the Security Reports window from Reports >> System >> Security and Select the Unassigned Security Operation report.


If an operation is listed in this report, you will need to add custom task to grant permission to users for them unless you use POWERUSER. You can refer to following post for details about creating the security task and Role

Setting up a Security Task/Role for a GP Window or Report

4. Troubleshooting If you already have security roles and tasks set up for the users and you are getting  error message You don’t have security privileges to open this window. Contact your system administrator for assistance.” You can use the Security Profiler in the Support Debugging Tool to resolve it.

Solving Security Privileges Errors Using the Support Debugging Tool

If the error message is displayed during login you can also refer to How to resolve Security errors on Login


5. Smartlist Builder Objects: If you have custom SmartList builder reports, you will need to add a security task to grant access to users. Granting access to smartlist builder smartlist can be tricky but there are plenty of resources available to help you with it. High level steps are:

  • If you have used any SQL views in the smartlist builder report, make sure DYNGRP has access to them.
  • Create or update Security task to give access to use smartlist with SQL tables- (This is required for users who will use any of smartlist builder reports). Select the following options while creating the task:

Product: SmartList Builder

Type: SmartList Builder Permissions

Series: SmartList Builder Permissions or SmartList Builder

Operations: View SmartLists with SQL Tables

  • Create or update Security task to give access various smartlist objects (Reports)  Select the following options:

Product: SmartList

Type: SmartList Object

Series: SmartList Objects

Operations:  Check on the SmartList objects to which you want to grant access.

References for posts related to Smartlist Builder permissions

Creating A SmartList Builder Security Task

SmartList Builder and SQL Tables/Views

Smartlist Builder Security for SQL Server Views

Granting access to a new SmartList in Dynamics GP

SmartList Builder and SQL Tables/Views



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  2. Hi Rubal

    You should also mention how the Support Debugging Tool can display the Security Tasks and Roles for a dictionary resource or any other security object.

    This has the advantage over the functionality in as it is based on the Tasks and Roles in your system as it is right now, rather than just the default Tasks and Roles provided by Microsoft.

    Keep up the great posts.


  3. [...] Comments 0 Rubal provides a nice set of Tips and tricks for setting up User Security in Microsoft Dynamics GP [...]

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